Wire-in GPS Tracker


The FG4310 is the ultimate GPS tracker designed for covert installations to obtain real-time location information, equipment usage and driver behavior. Always know where your Fleet Vehicles or Heavy Equipment is, day or night, 24/7, our FG4310 Fleet Tracker is ideal for Equipment Managers that need a GPS Tracking Device that will be hard wired into the electrical, preventing the possibility of tampering or removing the device. Installation of the FG4310 is a simple 3-wire installation, consisting of Power, Ground and Ignition, it also supports 2 Inputs and 1 Output for additional alerts. Add Geofences and receive alerts when vehicles move in or out of a selected area. The FG4310 reports every 30 seconds while in motion, every 3 minutes when idling, every 6 hours while stationary and ignition is off and every 2 minutes while in motion and ignition is off. The device includes an internal accelerometer that detects motion, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and impact detection. A 220mAh Li-ion internal rechargeable battery is also included, this device has a Waterproof IP67 Rating.

Wire-in GPS Tracker Feature

We know that Fleet Tracking is not a one size fits all solution, that’s why we offer a variety of vehicle tracking options, Including Plug-n-Play, Hard-Wired, Solar Powered and Battery Powered Devices

Recover Stolen Equipment

Receive alerts when your vehicles enter or leaves a Geofenced area

Locate Vehicles Anytime

Device reports in every 30 seconds when moving, every 3 minutes when idling, and every 6 hours when parked.

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Cost Effective

The FG4310 is an economical choice for Real-Time GPS Tracking


Easy to Install

Simple 3-Wire Installation minimizes operational disruption and downtime

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Increase Utilization

Track usage of your vehicles and optimize utilization, isolate unused vehicles

Covert Installation

Easily installs in confined spaces

Device Features

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