Solar Powered Asset Tracker


The FG4900 is a Solar Powered Asset Tracker that is designed for long term deployments suitable for monitoring and locating assets that are stationary or on the move. The FG4900 does not require access to power and it can be easily installed within minutes making it a low cost, low maintenance tracking solution. It contains a rechargeable 4800 mAh battery which will last for months without solar charging. The FG4900 reports every 5 minutes while in motion and once an hour when stationary. The FG4900 is ideal for Dry Vans, Refrigerated Trailers, Flatbeds or any other non-powered asset.

Solar Powered Asset Tracker Feature

We know that Fleet Tracking is not a one size fits all solution, that’s why we offer a variety of vehicle tracking options, Including Plug-n-Play, Hard-Wired, Solar Powered and Battery Powered Devices

Complete Trailer Visibility

Track all assets (dry, reefer, container, truck) on one platform

Built for the Long Haul

Proven solar-powered design with no maintenance for up to 10 years!

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Recover Stolen Equipment

Get Moving & Leaving alerts to find missing or stolen assets.


Easy to Install

10-minute install minimizes operational disruption and downtime. Use on any trailer/container

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Increase Utilization

Track usage of your assets and optimize utilization, isolate unused equipment and improve billing

Locate Any Asset Anytime

Updates every 5 minutes while moving and once an hour when parked

The leading choice for trailer tracking just got even smarter and easier

Solar-powered GPS tracking is becoming a more attractive option every day. Battery technology and solar recharging b technology have allowed the tracker to become smaller and easier. The latest in cellular technology consumes less power than ever imaginable, allowing the tracking device to run 10+ years before being replaced.
Never call around looking for your trailers again. Search assets by name, type, or location to quickly see your entire inventory and instantly locate remote equipment.
Trailer tracking solutions from Fleet Guardian GPS, LLC provide complete visibility for fleet managers to optimize utilization, reduce costs, protect cargo, and more. That`s why top companies trust us for reliable and cost-effective trailer management.

Device Features

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