Plug-in GPS Tracker


The FG4500 offers a plug and play installation bringing the most simplified, yet robust GPS device to your fleet or light duty vehicles. Install in trucks, vans and personal vehicles to obtain location information, as well as VIN, Battery Voltage, RPM and fuel level on supported vehicles. The FG4500 includes a 3-axis accelerometer which provides driver behavior information giving your business the insight to your driver’s performance. The FG4500 vehicle tracker supports 4G LTE Cat-M1/NB-IoT with fall back to 2G. The FG4500 is a low-cost tracking solution which simply plugs into the OBD II diagnostic port placed in the vehicle, commonly near the driver’s knees or below the steering wheel column. Once you plug the FG4500 into the OBD II port of your vehicle, the device starts tracking and monitoring diagnostic information about the vehicle. the device will report location and vehicle information every 30 seconds while in transit, every 6 hours when parked, every three minutes when idling, and every 2 minutes when turned off and being towed. The FG4500 supports standard, hybrid and electric vehicles. For a more covert installation, look at our Y-SPLITTER in the Accessories Tab.

Device Features

Plug-in GPS Tracker Feature

We know that Fleet Tracking is not a one size fits all solution, that’s why we offer a variety of vehicle tracking options, Including Plug-n-Play, Hard-Wired, Solar Powered and Battery Powered Devices

Recover Stolen Equipment

Receive alerts when your vehicles enter or leaves a Geofenced area

Locate Vehicles Anytime

Device reports in every 30 seconds when moving, every 3 minutes when idling, and every 6 hours when parked

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Cost Effective

The FG4310 is an economical choice for Real-Time GPS Tracking


Easy to Install

Simple 3-Wire Installation minimizes operational disruption and downtime

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Increase Utilization

Track usage of your vehicles and optimize utilization, isolate unused vehicles

Rugged Construction

With its heavy duty polymer construction, your device will give you years of maintenance-free service

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