Benefits & Features

GPS Vehicle Tracking Benefits

Fleet Guardian GPS, LLC. helps companies across North America reduce fleet operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently. While the possibilities are endless, here are a few examples of how our fleet management systems can benefit your business

Reduce Rising Fleet Expenses

Eliminate or Reduce Overtime

Reduce Downtime of Field Employees

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Improve Vehicle Utilization

Manage Field Personnel Actively

Document Actual Routes & Stops

Reduce Vehicle Operating Costs

Utilize Digital Timekeeping

Eliminate Employee Fraud

Vehicle tracking devices give you the ability to monitor driver behavior and find opportunities to improve fleet efficiency.

Every detail of the day is accounted for using automated reports, mobile apps and real-time alerts. You have instant access to track current location, stops, speeding, idle time and unnecessary use. With real-time information and accurate records of driver behavior and vehicle activity, it’s easy to keep mobile workers completely accountable.

10 Second Updates

Every second counts when you need precision and detail to make informed decisions. Our 10 second real time updates and easy-to-use software is the industry’s best solution for managing an efficient fleet of vehicle.

Automated Reporting

You don’t have time to sit in front of a computer to monitor your fleet every hour of every day. Our software can be configured to automatically deliver any report you want any time you want.

Real Time Alerts

Every second counts when you need precision and detail to make informed decisions. Using Shadow Tracker® Live’s unlimited alerts sent directly to your mobile device or email, you will know the location of driver activity.

Posted Speed Limits

Reduce liability and improve driver safety by compare posted speed limits to vehicle activity. Cut out risky behavior and reduce fuel costs.

Dashboard Summary

With a quick glance at our dashboard you can easily view and monitor KPI’s like mileage, stop time, idle time, and speeding. This helps you recognize and correct behaviors to become more cost efficient and increase productivity.


With Geo-Fencing you can create draw areas and assign particular vehicles to a specified GeoArea. Using Alerts or Reports, you know precisely when your fleet vehicles enter and exit the GeoArea and view where there is vehicle overlap.

User Defined Logins

Customize user access to set which vehicles and the level of information they can see. You can create branch locations, and subgroups within the fleet to quickly identify: Managers, Service Techs, or any designation your fleet needs.

Maintenance Reminders

Schedule and record the maintenance of your fleet vehicles for easy reminders based on mileage, engine hours or time. Automated email reminders make sure you never miss another oil change, tire change, or inspection.

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